Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Rising Alcohol and Falling Relationships..

Disclaimer : This is to modern age youth and parents. If you can't take criticism, read at your own risk, but do read ! :P

" Char bottle Vodka, kaam mera roz ka ".. As DJ gets rolling and floors are set on fire, the Indian liquor industry finds its customers in the most exotic forms. From Royal Stag to Single Malts, there's an availability suiting every individual. Go out, drink, have fun.  Have more fun, drink even more, cross a few lines, bang ! Get ruined for life.

Welcome to the modern age India folks, where, besides technology and economy and a decent pace of development, its alcohol that has taken over. !

Partying has become more of a status symbol, especially in tier - 2 cities. Well the fact is and as the reputation goes, if you come back home and are able to walk without tumbling or toppling, that implies that you didn't party well at all. Oh shit ! You wanted to potray yourself as an absolute party freak and there you are, totally in your senses, making a mockery of your reputation that you can't take a good quantity of alcohol. The world dawns upon you. You are done with life.

Its sad. The indulgence of modern day youth, its really sad. What's even more sad is the fact that it isn't limited to our young lads. The worm has spread even further. In recent times, there have been so many instances of extra marital affairs, most of them surfacing during parties, when the alcohol takes a swing on senses and one doesn't get to realize the difference between rights and wrongs. I am not against alcohol, nor against love for any individual in any circumstance. Its just that excess of everything is bad. Ultimately, its your brain which loses its vigor, you lose sense of thought and responsibility and subsequently everything is lost.

Our age is a dynamic one. This India has got a lot more potential and resources that earlier times. Lets put them to efficient use, think about long term sustenance and build an India with values. The system cannot be blamed for every wrong that happens. We constitute the system - it begins with us and ends with us. Lets not waste ourselves and become a victim to intoxication. The Drug menace has already gulped North India. Rest, the choice is yours !

Sunday, 23 November 2014

'Coaching' and 'Teaching' - The thin line of difference

Throughout history, India has been a land of divine teachings. From discovery of atom to introduction of '0', our teachers and philosophers continued to supply bundles of knowledge and ethics to our students. Then came the Industrial Revolution. A new world order came into place and in the process, man himself got transformed into a technological hypocrite. Well, midst all, no one realized and another industry manifested itself - " The Teaching Industry". 

Its a thought to contemplate upon. We were brought up in the times where 'guru' was the supreme. A teacher and the taught had a unique relationship. The objective was to impart a learning and transform a child into a 'Complete Man'. Completion of syllabus was one perspective and imparting ethical values another. We never looked upto a teacher as a 'vendor', supplying us what we want in exchange of a remuneration. And that's how it is today. I guess commercialization came as a boon to the Indian Economy, since education sector now, is one of the most promising investment opportunities. Because it has good returns. In terms "ROI". In terms of quality students, well, who cares ? :P

Its sad to know that there's been a complete transformation of The Teacher and The Taught. You pay, I deliver. The advent of Coaching Institutions, who have done nothing else but counted upon building the components of The Great Indian Rat Race. They know that if provided with an opportunity and a dream (the majority counts it as a dream) to get through major institutions of India, Indian parents can spend a million ! And for those who can't afford big amounts, we have small tuition centers, providing with THE BEST EDUCATION IN TOWN. C'mon. Considering the number of coaching institutions we have, and the promises they make, if their contentions came out to be true, each Indian student would have been a genius - We wouldn't need the world then. 

The above mentioned smog of The Great Indian Rate Race damages the connection between real teachers and students. Recently, I got to know, that on getting slapped by a teacher, the student threatened to file a court case for physical abuse. Parents came rushing to the school - Not to reprimand their child for the wrong he had done but to challenge the teacher with court case. (Now that's called 'Cherry on the Cake'.) Finally, teacher quit the job, and was so hurt that she quit teaching itself ! 

There's still time to get hold of this emerging India. There's a lot of difference between earning a good amount of money and getting educated. Hope the current generation of parents, students & teachers realize the same - soon enough !

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Eve teasing - A Masculine Disaster

The best part about blogging is that you feel something, you sit down and write, without having to think a single instant. Its become more of a diary writing.

Recently, I witnessed an incident. A really smart girl, was walking down her home. She was a cute one, if I ever got a chance, would have certainly liked to be a friend and may be more. With all these castles of dreams, I looked at her and passed by. That's it.

Being a guy, I guess such emotions are biologically natural and its good to feel them. You feel them for an instant and get over them. Life moves on.

Now the scenario changes. Same girl, same situation. A car comes by, stops right infront of that girl and flashes its dipper. The girl ignores and walks off, so does the car. This absolutely amazed me in all sorts. How masculine it must have been for that guy to stop, flash the dipper and then feeling on top of the world - must have got satisfied with their pants wet within seconds (And they talk of being masculine :P).

To all my dear friends who offer such respect to women and find no shame in "chedo-ing" a girl, there's one very important consideration. Either you have been deprived of woman companionship all life long or the female compatriots at your home never really seemed like females to you. Do consider this once that what if you were a result of an eve tease and a subsequent rape ? Hate to think about it ? Well, this is the least that you deserve (Because as long as the police and administration are considered, they too chuckle and walk by. So proud of them ! )

How double standard is it for a guy to eve teasing another girl, while if the same is done with his sister, he thinks of ripping the world apart and what not. Admiring and appreciating is admissible and natural. But in an instant making a fantasy out of that eve tease is the silliest of thoughts ! Think about that girl who goes home, cries for hours and curses you all along. Its because of people like you that men are categorized as dogs. Its become such a general conception and rightly so. Infact, you should be left in a cage with a few female dogs (hate calling them bitches) and then asked to eve tease them. Wow. This is so sexually satisfying, isn't it ? :P

Grow up guys, times have changed. It won't take time for tables to turn and you becoming the victim itself. (You would love to !)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Who isn't a Rapist ?

India - The very land of Gods & Goddesses. In the cult of multiple mythologies, lies a great devotion to the fairer sex. The ample number of Goddesses, being represented by marble statues and idols, are put to utmost respect and devotion. Men bend down to them, seek blessings and ask for mercy. In simple terms, it means that a female, to gain respect in India, has to sacrifice her moral being and take transformation into a Devi. Jai Mata Di !

Yes, this is the very state of Indian Society. Recently, a video's been trending which shows men commenting upon rape. They say that its the provocative clothing which incites rape. Well I guess they rightly say so. I've seen so many instances where a women, covered neck to toe, (I hope you didn't expect head to toe.. Or does the face incite rape too ?) find every eye tilting and cornering her whole silhouette. More so, in an effort to scan every inch in a hope of peeking through, they don't realize that by the time their deed is done, the girl already becomes a victim of visual rape. Yes, raping through eyes. And they say its clothing that incites rape. (I'm sure that men with unbuttoned shirts with sparkling chest hair keep hoping that someday someone will come and offer them a rape ride ! :P )

There have been instances where people have been quoted saying that its the Bollywood which has fueled men. The item songs get men horny and they need to find a means to take it out. LOL. God hail Hollywood then ! In that case, western world should have been the one fighting against women protection and the very menace of Rape. 

Rape isn't just about the intercourse. Its a mentality. Our male patriarchal society couldn't bear the emerging persona of the fairer sex and ended up objectifying them. " Mast maal hai ". Now that in trading terms means that "goods are awesome" ! I so wish that before passing such a comment, a man finds those goods in his very home and then qualifies them first on the basis of appearance and whatever other parameters are.

Lets worship women. I say so because I am a man. And before bowing down to Ma Durga in a temple, I bow down to all the women in our society. Lets pay obeisance to Durga's manifestation around us and then focus towards hypothetical worshiping of her idol. Lets make India !

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Diwali and the Darus - A lost cultural contour

The Diwali bandwagons begin to ring a month before. The celebrations reverberate right from advent of navrataras, gain a further impetus during Dussehra and find the ultimate festivity during the time of Diwali. Yes, welcome to the land of Hindu Christmas. That's what Diwali is. Isn't it ?

The tradition goes on. We light diyas, in all the traditional attire. The city gets clad in candles and lights (The Chinese find another reason to celebrate Indian Diwali). Amazing. Feels so good to be a part of this rich culture of celebration and homecoming of Lord Rama and worshipping Goddess Lakshmi for all the prosperity.

What amazes me more is that this homecoming has gone all the more grand. Being from a town which has tried to develop itself on its own (since Government here has always focused upon developing their pockets), its a wonderful sight to see people get into the shell of metropolitan lifestyles. A festival marked by religious authenticity now witnesses a gala of alcohol and smokes - ranging right from a school kid aged 16 to an adult aged 50. Yes, thats the reality of our new born smaller cities. Humara Punjab I guess :P

The Diwali card games have always been a ritual. It all started being a fun saga to a proper sequel of gambling. Feels like mini vegas. Atleast to those who don't find respite without boasting about the riches they made during this season (Yeah - Diwali Season), the contribution of alcohol to those riches and celebration of nicotine (After all, everyone's got to burn riches ! )

I just hope that this transition is a temporary one. For the older generations, its a matter of pride that their children are living a lifestyle equivalent to that of a virtual prince. However, the ground reality might surface itself in times to come. When the streets of these small towns might get clad with drunk adults, feasting on a rapist mentality, finding no solace in focus and success. If such time comes, even the Government won't be to blame then.

P.S :  Please don't get offended, lets face it ! :P

Cheers !