Thursday, 30 October 2014

Who isn't a Rapist ?

India - The very land of Gods & Goddesses. In the cult of multiple mythologies, lies a great devotion to the fairer sex. The ample number of Goddesses, being represented by marble statues and idols, are put to utmost respect and devotion. Men bend down to them, seek blessings and ask for mercy. In simple terms, it means that a female, to gain respect in India, has to sacrifice her moral being and take transformation into a Devi. Jai Mata Di !

Yes, this is the very state of Indian Society. Recently, a video's been trending which shows men commenting upon rape. They say that its the provocative clothing which incites rape. Well I guess they rightly say so. I've seen so many instances where a women, covered neck to toe, (I hope you didn't expect head to toe.. Or does the face incite rape too ?) find every eye tilting and cornering her whole silhouette. More so, in an effort to scan every inch in a hope of peeking through, they don't realize that by the time their deed is done, the girl already becomes a victim of visual rape. Yes, raping through eyes. And they say its clothing that incites rape. (I'm sure that men with unbuttoned shirts with sparkling chest hair keep hoping that someday someone will come and offer them a rape ride ! :P )

There have been instances where people have been quoted saying that its the Bollywood which has fueled men. The item songs get men horny and they need to find a means to take it out. LOL. God hail Hollywood then ! In that case, western world should have been the one fighting against women protection and the very menace of Rape. 

Rape isn't just about the intercourse. Its a mentality. Our male patriarchal society couldn't bear the emerging persona of the fairer sex and ended up objectifying them. " Mast maal hai ". Now that in trading terms means that "goods are awesome" ! I so wish that before passing such a comment, a man finds those goods in his very home and then qualifies them first on the basis of appearance and whatever other parameters are.

Lets worship women. I say so because I am a man. And before bowing down to Ma Durga in a temple, I bow down to all the women in our society. Lets pay obeisance to Durga's manifestation around us and then focus towards hypothetical worshiping of her idol. Lets make India !

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