Sunday, 2 November 2014

Eve teasing - A Masculine Disaster

The best part about blogging is that you feel something, you sit down and write, without having to think a single instant. Its become more of a diary writing.

Recently, I witnessed an incident. A really smart girl, was walking down her home. She was a cute one, if I ever got a chance, would have certainly liked to be a friend and may be more. With all these castles of dreams, I looked at her and passed by. That's it.

Being a guy, I guess such emotions are biologically natural and its good to feel them. You feel them for an instant and get over them. Life moves on.

Now the scenario changes. Same girl, same situation. A car comes by, stops right infront of that girl and flashes its dipper. The girl ignores and walks off, so does the car. This absolutely amazed me in all sorts. How masculine it must have been for that guy to stop, flash the dipper and then feeling on top of the world - must have got satisfied with their pants wet within seconds (And they talk of being masculine :P).

To all my dear friends who offer such respect to women and find no shame in "chedo-ing" a girl, there's one very important consideration. Either you have been deprived of woman companionship all life long or the female compatriots at your home never really seemed like females to you. Do consider this once that what if you were a result of an eve tease and a subsequent rape ? Hate to think about it ? Well, this is the least that you deserve (Because as long as the police and administration are considered, they too chuckle and walk by. So proud of them ! )

How double standard is it for a guy to eve teasing another girl, while if the same is done with his sister, he thinks of ripping the world apart and what not. Admiring and appreciating is admissible and natural. But in an instant making a fantasy out of that eve tease is the silliest of thoughts ! Think about that girl who goes home, cries for hours and curses you all along. Its because of people like you that men are categorized as dogs. Its become such a general conception and rightly so. Infact, you should be left in a cage with a few female dogs (hate calling them bitches) and then asked to eve tease them. Wow. This is so sexually satisfying, isn't it ? :P

Grow up guys, times have changed. It won't take time for tables to turn and you becoming the victim itself. (You would love to !)

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