Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Rising Alcohol and Falling Relationships..

Disclaimer : This is to modern age youth and parents. If you can't take criticism, read at your own risk, but do read ! :P

" Char bottle Vodka, kaam mera roz ka ".. As DJ gets rolling and floors are set on fire, the Indian liquor industry finds its customers in the most exotic forms. From Royal Stag to Single Malts, there's an availability suiting every individual. Go out, drink, have fun.  Have more fun, drink even more, cross a few lines, bang ! Get ruined for life.

Welcome to the modern age India folks, where, besides technology and economy and a decent pace of development, its alcohol that has taken over. !

Partying has become more of a status symbol, especially in tier - 2 cities. Well the fact is and as the reputation goes, if you come back home and are able to walk without tumbling or toppling, that implies that you didn't party well at all. Oh shit ! You wanted to potray yourself as an absolute party freak and there you are, totally in your senses, making a mockery of your reputation that you can't take a good quantity of alcohol. The world dawns upon you. You are done with life.

Its sad. The indulgence of modern day youth, its really sad. What's even more sad is the fact that it isn't limited to our young lads. The worm has spread even further. In recent times, there have been so many instances of extra marital affairs, most of them surfacing during parties, when the alcohol takes a swing on senses and one doesn't get to realize the difference between rights and wrongs. I am not against alcohol, nor against love for any individual in any circumstance. Its just that excess of everything is bad. Ultimately, its your brain which loses its vigor, you lose sense of thought and responsibility and subsequently everything is lost.

Our age is a dynamic one. This India has got a lot more potential and resources that earlier times. Lets put them to efficient use, think about long term sustenance and build an India with values. The system cannot be blamed for every wrong that happens. We constitute the system - it begins with us and ends with us. Lets not waste ourselves and become a victim to intoxication. The Drug menace has already gulped North India. Rest, the choice is yours !

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